These are supposed to be Day trips.


1. First and probably easiest:There is a Bronze age loop that can be done near Arzechena, It includes a visits to Nuraghes a Dolmen tomb group and two Tomb of the Giants. Itís not too difficult as they are fairly well marked with roadside signs.


2.Next: There is a cool road loop to drive. It starts in Palau and goes through the back side of Arzechena towards Sant Antonio Di Gallura and then follows the old road to Calangianus. In this area, it is one of the biggest Cork oak groves in Italy, there are cork manufacturing shops and ketch makers in the entire area. You will se much of it curing in open stacks.At Calangianus, turn towards Luras, there is an excellent Dolmen, as you are leaving Luras towards Tempio you will see a sign for Tomba di Gigante Su Pasccareddu. This on is well conserved and in a very evocative location, at the end of a small road over a wooden bridge and up a path. Then you can go towards Tempio for the return to Palau via the big windy road that starts at the AGIP station.


3. A North Loop:Go towards Sant Teresa from Palau. The road has one interesting item just as you are turning to go north right outside of town, a Fascist era Pillbox Gun emplacement. It is now quite below the road level and all you can see is the top Right at the intersection. Yes it is open and you can get inside depending on how much the briars have grown. Go towards Santa Teresa and near the risorante Antica Gallura, there is a road that goes to the left, about two Kilometers up that road is a Tomb of the giant. It has some local mythology associated with it as a place of healing and some sort of ďPlace MagnetismĒ. Donít be surprised if you see some odd stuff if others are there. Get back on the road to Santa Teresa, and go to the town. Out on the end of the town area, there is a well preserved Aragonese Tower dating from the 1600ís.


Note: Santa Teresa is where the ferries go to Corsica By the way so, if you feel like a French vacation this is the kick off place for a Killer Day trip to Bonifacio. Itís a nice ferry ride too.

Continuing; Leave town and go towards Sassari this will put you on the North Coast Road. It is a very nice, uncrowded drive which is beautiful at sunset. Keep going until you see the turnoff for Castelsardo. The turnoff is at a Prefabricated Cement Plant that makes roof trusses and construction panels. About a thousand yards up, there is a Nuraghe on the left. Inside, you can ascend to the top via a spiral staircase that is built into the walls. Might smell like a sheep pen, but thatís Sardinia.After that fun, go up to the turn off for Castelsardo; donít turn right, turn left. There, about 500 yards on the left after going over the Highway, is a rock Shaped like an Elephant. Inside is a group of Neolithic tombs. If you look at the walls of the lower tombs one has a Stylized Bulls head, Symbol of the Earth Mother or the male regenerative principle, depending on what you read. After that, go on into Castelsardo. It is really spectacular when you come over the hill at the coast and there it is. A huge Castle built by the Dorian Family in the 1500ísthat has a good Norman era church and the remains of an abbey down by the sea beneath the church. This is where the festival that looks like a Klan gathering is, but itís really a festival of San Giorgio. Good restaurants, souvenir shops with Traditional Coral, Silver and Gold Jewelry, Rugs, tapestries, masks and stone items. That ought to kill the day. So eat and go home.


4. There is another run that should be made just for fun; the run to the Oliastru area south of Nuoro down SS131, this place is amazing in its sheer variety. There are cliffs 300 feet vertically high and areas of swamp surronded by rock outcroppings. There are springs and Mountain paths and flat soft zones that are used for agriculture. There are several good spots and we are going there. First, get on the road south out of olbia that goes to Nuoro (SS131dir). Before you hit Nuoro, there is a turnoff for Dorgali (SP38 at La Traversa), take it. This road winds through some really flat rocky zones up into the hills by the coast. Several Archeological sites of note are along this route. There is the Tomb of the giant Thomes, a well preserved site about 500 yards off the left hand side of the road just as you hit the first good sized hill. It is fairly well marked, just follow the path and you will find it. Next on the agenda wouldd be the site of Serra Orrios and Nuraghic age Village with dozens of structures extant and a small museum shop that can provide guided tours in English. Then I would head on up the road to Dorgali the town. There are lots of nice Art deco buildings and some very intersting sculptures in the city squares. This is a town that has a rich tradition of Textile and Jewelry making going back centuries, so don't forget to stop in to some of the stores displaying their wares. This is a town that is very traditional so, be on the look out for old women dressed, head to foot, in black. Beyone the town of Dorgali is the road south, just outside of town, there is a tunnel cutting through the' mountain, drive through there and you will be 500 meteres in thew air above a valley sweeping to the sea. The road ends at the town of Cala Gonone. It is a brilliant seaside village, dead as a doornail in the off season, but wonderful to visit after the tourists are gone. Plain beautiful scenery here. There is a sea cave you can get a boat ride out to. Ask in the town about it. Some really nice older villas here, walk around. Going back through the tunnel to the road again, heading south, the road winds up the face of a very tall ridge of Limestone. It's a dramatic drive full of good opportunities for Photos and to see some wildlife. (Do NOT feed the Pigs, they are wild and will bite).Driving down to the pass at Baunei there is a spectacular view of the port of Arbatax. There is also a good place to eat at that spot. Family run and operated, and momma is a good cook.Once in this area, you will see about six miles of sandy white beaches that are available for visiting. The drive home with the sun going down over the valley is truly spectacular.





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